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Hdeel Abdelhady shared her insights with PaymentsSource on a Russia-led effort to build a non-U.S. dollar payments system, to insulate against U.S. sanctions and U.S. control more broadly. Ms. Abdelhady has for years worked on the U.S.-dollar and financial system links to U.S. sanctions enforcement jurisdiction. Her work on the topic of U.S. dollar and financial system tied legal jurisdiction has been quoted, leveraged, and consulted frequently in the United States and abroad. For background, see Ms. Abdelhady’ s 2015 article on how BRICS’ led non-dollar trade and finance channels could stem the global reach of U.S. sanctions and other law: A Great BRIC Wall? Emerging Trade and Finance Channels Led by Non-Western Nations Could Curtail the Global Reach of U.S. Law. Related: Hdeel Abdelhady in Reuters, INSIGHT: Reimposed U.S. anti-Iran sanctions leverage American economic power.




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