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Insights and analyses on U.S. sanctions, including on Iran and Russia, and under Global Magnitsky sanctions targeting human rights abuses and corruption.

Tech Wars

U.S. law and policy on transactions, trade, and research involving Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and other emerging and foundational technologies, with a U.S.-China focus.

Critical Resources

U.S. and international law, policy, and risk insights on transactions and trade in agriculture, water, and critical minerals.


U.S. and international legal, policy, and risk issues implicated by and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (updating).

Islamic Finance

Islamic banking, finance, and philanthropy updates and analyses, on banking, capital markets, and philanthropy (waqf).

U.S. Investment

Updates and analyses on foreign investment in the United States, with a focus on strategic sectors, namely technology and agriculture.

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