MassPoint Services

Customized legal and strategy services for U.S. and foreign clients.

Sanctions, Export Controls, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption

Regulatory counseling, compliance program development, and training in international trade, sanctions, export controls, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering.

Business Ethics & Conduct

Advice and representation for U.S. and foreign companies, nonprofit organizations, and other parties on business ethics and conduct to manage legal, commercial, and reputational risk and advance strategic objectives.

U.S. Bank and Money Services Establishment and Compliance

Regulatory counseling and legal representation for U.S. and foreign parties in bank and money services business establishment.

Islamic Finance, Banking, Philanthropy

Islamic banking, finance, and philanthropy transactions and Shari’ah governance and compliance advice for Islamic financial institutions, other businesses, and families, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, and individuals.

Complex Banking Counseling and Compliance

Specialized advisory services for U.S. and foreign businesses and foreign banks that face disruptions to banking transactions and relationships stemming from jurisdictions, parties, or business and transaction types.

Compliance & Risk Management in High Risk Markets

Legal and strategy advice and representation for U.S. and foreign parties entering or operating in high risk or rule of law deficient markets.

Legal and Compliance Education & Training

Legal and compliance education and training for U.S. and foreign companies and nonprofit organizations, their personnel, and their boards of directors and management.

Critical Resources Law, Strategy, & Risk Management

Advice and representation for investors, operators, and consumers of the essential resources of agriculture, water, and critical minerals.