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Transactional, regulatory counseling and compliance, and ethics services for U.S. and foreign…

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Food, Agriculture & Water and Critical Raw Materials Critical minerals, rare earth…

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MassPoint develops bespoke education and training materials and programs for clients in…

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Strategic Legal Counsel, Client Value MassPoint delivers advice and solutions that are truly customized to client profile, address emerging legal issues, and incorporate a depth of legal experience and broad knowledge. The firm's approach reflects outside-in thinking that considers how domestic, global, regional, industry, and legal trends and patterns now and will in the future


Business Ethics & Conduct

Trump’s Africa Strategy: Anti-Corruption Enforcement Focuses on Chinese Companies and Extractives Industries

The Trump Administration’s newly released Africa Strategy is likely to bring greater anti-corruption enforcement, particularly against Chinese state-owned and private firms, as well as against African officials, and African and third country private parties. Extractives industries, particularly involving nonfuel minerals like cobalt, are likely to be of particular interest.

National Security Law

DOJ Initiative Takes on “Chinese Economic Espionage:” Legal Issues for Academia

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently launched an initiative to “Combat Chinese Economic Espionage.” Announced on November 1, 2018 by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the China Initiative acts on the Trump Administration’s previous findings “concerning China’s practices” and “reflects the Department’s strategic priority of countering Chinese national security threats and reinforces the President’s overall national security strategy.” The China Initiative presents emerging issues for academia, the technology industry, and the private sector broadly.

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