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After Cobalt Heist, Review Minerals Transit, Storage and Insurance Practices, July 2018.

Afghanistan’s Minerals and Mining Sector: Try a Localized Approach to Law and Regulation, July 2018.

U.S. Anti-Corruption Enforcement in Africa’s Extractives Industry Creates Legal and Supply Chain Risk for Mining, Tech and Others, July 2018.

Foreign Investment in U.S. Agriculture Raising National Security, Critical Infrastructure, and Key Resources Concerns, April 2016.

Money is Not Enough:Emerging Markets-Based Private and State-Owned Enterprises Need Entrepreneurial Governance to Advance Strategic Objectives (discussing the role of entrepreneurial governance for entities with direct or indirect interests in food, agriculture, and water assets or resources).

FAO-OECD Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains: Considerations for Investors, Food-Agri Companies, and Finance Providers, February 2015.

MassPoint View: Agriculture Investment Requires Multidimensional Approaches, February 2014.

Investor-State Dispute Avoidance and Mitigation: Egypt Focus, February 2013.

Go Global, Grow Local: Positioning the DC Metro Area to Tap the Global Aspiration Economy, The 2030 Group Blog, July 2012.

Nile Water Dispute: Egypt-Ethiopia (radio segment), WVON Radio Chicago, August 2013.

Global Rush for Agricultural Land: Risk and Reward (presentation), April 2013.

Islamic Finance as a Mechanism for Bolstering Food Security in the Middle East: Food Security Waqf, Sustainable Development Law & Policy Journal, January 2013.

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