About MassPoint | Legal and Strategy Services

A Partner to Clients

MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC is a law and strategy firm that works collaboratively with clients to understand their business, organizations, and needs to deliver legal, strategy, and risk management solutions that advance clients’ goals. 

MassPoint’s Founder and Principal is Hdeel Abdelhady, a lawyer and consultant who is adept at working above silos, across legal practice areas, and across industries, cultures, and operating environments with clients in the United States and abroad. Having worked with in-house legal, business, and compliance personnel at various levels of client organizations (including Boards of Directors, CEOs, and chief legal officers), Ms. Abdelhady brings to matters a unique perspective and skill set, and an ability to cater to client internal dynamics. Ms. Abdelhady’s experience and commitment to strong client relationships is reflected in her approach to legal, strategy, and risk management matters. 

How MassPoint Works With Clients

MassPoint offers clients a combination of technical skill, substantive quality, and project management, including by:

  • Taking steps to understand clients’ business and objectives.
  • Build and maintain constructive rapport with clients and related parties.
  • Developing work plans at the outset of matters.
  • Communicating with clients at appropriate times and ways about progress and new developments or changes.

MassPoint’s Principal, Hdeel Abdelhady, brings to the table a formidable network of legal, business, banking, non-profit, government, and other professionals that can be leveraged in service of client needs. As needed, MassPoint will assemble and manage legal and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure that all bases are covered and well-managed.

Learn about MassPoint’s approach to client matter management and example fee structures here.