About MassPoint

Client-Centric Approach, Customized Solutions 

MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC (MassPoint) is a boutique law and strategy firm that works collaboratively with clients to identify and execute legal and strategy solutions that are customized for client needs and objectives.

MassPoint Services

MassPoint primarily offers banking and finance, compliance and governance, and investment services to both private and government-affiliated entities. In addition, the Firm offers transactional, compliance and governance, and risk management services customized for parties with interests in food, agriculture, and water assets/resources.

Small, Nimble, and Networked 

MassPoint is a small, nimble firm that offers a caliber of services often associated with larger professional services providers. With a focus on customization and an ability and willingness to think and work across legal practices and disciplines, MassPoint is well-positioned to work collaboratively with clients to effectively address complex issues.  As needed, the Firm draws upon its international legal, business, and industry networks to assemble the right individuals, organizations, and teams to execute solutions for clients.