About MassPoint

Smart Solutions 

MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC is a boutique law and strategy firm that works collaboratively with clients to solve problems and anticipate and manage legal, commercial, and reputational risk. MassPoint’s approach is informed by outside-in thinking that considers how global, regional, industry, and legal trends and issues now and in the future will shape client needs and priorities in today’s complex, interconnected, and rapidly changing world in which legal and risk issues no longer fit neatly within “practice area” and jurisdictional lines.

Collaborative Approach, Customized Services

One size does not fit all. MassPoint’s approach is informed by the core belief that knowledge of the law, “best practices,” or conventional paradigms is of little value unless applied in a way that responds to specific client needs, advances specific client objectives, and reflects specific client dynamics.

Entity Level Customization

MassPoint customizes its services and approach at the client entity and internal function levels. The Firm works to understand clients’ business and objectives to ensure that work product is consistent with clients’ strategic goals and capable of ready implementation at the client operating level. In customizing services, MassPoint considers, among other factors:  client size, operational dynamics, personnel composition, cultural factors, relevant jurisdictions, and reputational pressures and objectives.

Customization for Legal, Compliance, and Business Functions

Beyond entity level dynamics and needs, MassPoint’s tailors its work product and delivery to the unique and intersecting needs of client internal functions, understanding that in-house legal, compliance and business personnel have different focuses, internal reporting obligations, and practical objectives that sometimes require customized work product and communication methods. Having worked as an outside counsel and adviser with bank, company, and non-profit CEOs, CFOs, executive directors, board members, other business personnel, and in-house legal and compliance professionals, Hdeel Abdelhady is cognizant of and well-positioned to respond to the different needs of diverse client constituencies.

Small, Nimble, and Networked 

MassPoint is a small and nimble firm that offers a caliber of services often associated with larger professional services providers. With a focus on customization and an ability and willingness to think and work across legal practices and disciplines, MassPoint is well-positioned to effectively address complex issues. As needed, the Firm draws upon its U.S. and international legal, business, and industry network to assemble the right individuals, organizations, and teams to execute solutions for clients.