About MassPoint

Firm Overview

MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory is a boutique law and strategy firm that provides legal representation and strategy advisory services to financial institutions, companies, government entities, and non-profits in connection with finance, corporate, investment, and compliance matters. The firm focuses on emerging and developing markets related matters, particularly involving the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Philosophy and Approach

MassPoint measures its own success by the success of its clients. The Firm strives to not only deliver the best solutions to clients, but to do so efficiently and proactively, by asking the right questions early and often, and maintaining constructive rapport over the life of client matters and relationships. MassPoint invests time and resources to anticipate client needs and the legal, commercial, and regional contexts in which those needs arise.

Services Overview

MassPoint works with clients to structure, negotiate, and document finance, corporate, and investment transactions; identify and manage legal and political risk; and achieve compliance solutions that are tailored for clients’ organizational structures, industries, and regional presence. The Firm also provides strategy advisory services, focusing on healthcare and agricultural investments, joint ventures, and partnerships, particularly involving parties in the United States, the Middle East, and Africa.