August 7, 2017

About MassPoint

A Partner to Clients

MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC is a law and strategy firm that works collaboratively with clients to understand their business, organizations, and needs to deliver legal, strategy, and risk management solutions that advance clients’ goals. 

MassPoint’s Founder and Principal is Hdeel Abdelhady, a lawyer and consultant who is adept at working above silos, across legal practice areas, and across industries, cultures, and operating environments with clients in the United States and abroad. Having worked with in-house legal, business, and compliance personnel at various levels of client organizations (including Boards of Directors, CEOs, and chief legal officers), Ms. Abdelhady brings to matters a unique perspective and skill set, and an ability to cater to client internal dynamics. Ms. Abdelhady’s experience and commitment to strong client relationships is reflected in her approach to legal, strategy, and risk management matters. 

Services. Experience. Insights.
MassPoint Services

MassPoint works with clients to establish and maintain businesses, conduct international business soundly, comply with laws and regulations applicable to international banking and business operations, and maintain and capitalize on corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance standards and conduct. The Firm also works with clients to develop and execute bespoke solutions that require creativity and well-rounded experience.

Matter Management & Fee Structures

In all engagements, MassPoint seeks to establish constructive rapport at the outset and for the duration of matters. The Firm works efficiently, asking the right questions early and often and working from a high level of experience from day one. MassPoint works with clients to identify fee structures that suit specific clients, matters, and the Firm.

Hdeel Abdelhady

MassPoint’s Founder and Principal is Hdeel Abdelhady, who has cross-practice experience handling transactions, regulatory compliance, and disputes on behalf of diverse clients in the United States and abroad. Noted by clients and colleagues for her “affinity” for clients, Ms. Abdelhady prioritizes building and maintaining strong, productive client relationships. With well-rounded experience, Ms. Abdelhady is able to work with clients from day one to identify issues comprehensively and execute appropriate solutions.

MassPoint Publications

MassPoint’s articles and blog posts provide legal analysis, anticipate issues and synthesize trends, and provide timely updates on banking and finance (conventional and Islamic), economic sanctions, international trade, and foreign investment, among other topics.