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MassPoint offers transactional and compliance and governance services tailored for sovereign and private investors; companies (e.g., food, beverage, energy, mining) with direct or indirect interests in farmland, food producing assets, or water; and parties (lenders and borrowers) to food and agriculture financing transactions, including the following.

  • Market-entry, pre- and post-transaction due diligence encompassing legal and political risk, as appropriate for jurisdiction.
  • U.S. reporting and disclosure compliance under federal and state law(s), as applicable, in connection with land acquisitions or long-term leases by foreign parties.
  • Post-transaction monitoring of legal, commercial, or political risk events of relevance to client investment or other commercial positions.
  • Transaction structuring reflecting the growing diversity of agriculture/food/water transaction parties, including investment or transaction terms designed to spread risk and value in volatile jurisdictions; structuring and advisory services appropriate for public-private or multi-disciplinary collaborations.
  • Claims or disputes assessments under local law (working with local counsel) and bilateral or multilateral investment treaties or other relevant instruments.
  • Environmental, social, and governance counseling (where ESG protocols are mandatory or voluntary).
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Food and agriculture investments and commercial activities (which often are indirect water investments or uses) raise multiple and interconnected legal, environmental, social, and ethical issues.
MassPoint meets the needs of investors and commercial actors with services that:
  • combine legal practice capabilities,
  • offer the tactical acumen needed to navigate a rapidly evolving, high stakes, legally hybridized area that involves public and private stakeholders in various roles, and
  • incorporate a kind of international depth that facilitates jurisdiction and situation appropriate legal solutions that exceed the value of textbook, piecemeal, or one-size-fits-all approaches that fall short of serving client interests.

MassPoint provides legal and strategy advisory services to entities engaged in the food and agricultural supply chain.  The Firm recognizes- and has for years recognized- the importance of food, agriculture and related resources and understands the complexity of this area that involves public and private interests; essential and non-renewable resources; and intersecting legal, regulatory and business requirements and standards that require multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and multi-jurisdictional awareness.

With investment (transactions and disputes), agricultural commodities finance, compliance, and emerging and developing markets experience, MassPoint’s Principal, Hdeel Abdelhady, offers the multidisciplinary perspective needed to effectively anticipate and address legal and related issues for clients, at the transaction inception, maintenance, and exit phases.

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