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Critical Resources 

Supply Chain Risk Management and Transactions    

Critical Minerals | Rare Earth Elements | Food & Agriculture |Water

With increasing recognition among governments and policy influencers of the inextricable links between critical resources and industrial and technological production and national stability, critical resources are no longer treated as mere commodities. Minerals, rare earth elements, agricultural assets, and water are widely viewed as national and economic security assets deserving of protectionist and other measures.

As legal and policy makers increasingly view critical resources through a strategic lens, so must approaches to critical resources supply chain management and transactions. Standard approaches to legal risk management—which tend to focus exclusively on third party corruption, human rights and other known legal risks—are siloed, reactive and fail to capture the numerous, interconnected and nuanced legal issues and risks of today.

MassPoint takes a strategic and contextual approach to critical resources law, policy and risk. The Firm works with critical resources suppliers, consumers and investors to manage legal and policy complexity in supply chains and transactions.

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