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MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC is a Washington, D.C. boutique law and strategy firm handling banking and finance, investment, and compliance and governance matters with a focus on emerging and developing markets. MassPoint provides customized services that capable of ready implementation at the client operating level.


MassPoint works collaboratively with clients to help them anticipate and manage legal, commercial, and reputation risk; solve legal problems; and advance strategic objectives. The Firm's services are described below. For additional information, please contact Hdeel Abdelhady at MATTER MANAGEMENT AND FEE STRUCTURES  A successful engagement is measured not only by results, but also by process. MassPoint works with clients at the outset of engagements to properly connect its work to clients' business and objectives, manage matters efficiently, and identify one or more fee structures that are suitable for both the client and the Firm. Regulatory Counseling and Compliance Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Counter-Terrorism Financing (CFT) Due Diligence (Politically Exposed Persons… Read More


November 16, 2016 Panel Discussion Iran After Partial Sanctions Relief and U.S. Elections: Legal, Risk, and Practical Issues for Business

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Information Has Democratized Business Regulation. Adjust Risk and Compliance Thinking Accordingly.

MassPoint Occasional Note | May 31, 2016 | Download PDF Traditionally businesses have looked to contractual terms, industry groups, legislatures, regulators and other conventional authorities to identify and manage commercial, legal, and compliance requirements and risks. In today’s interconnected, information rich, and reputation-conscious business world, this model is outdated and insufficient. It creates blind spots that can expose businesses to commercial, legal, and compliance risks from sources that traditional models ignore, misunderstand, or underestimated. Democratization of Business Conduct Standards In the same ways that the internet and social media have enabled non- “establishment” actors to communicate and amplify political messages, these and other tools of the information/new media age have enabled… Read More

Proposed Rule Requires Banks to Collect Beneficial Ownership Information

PDF Download   Key Points Properly understood, “bank secrecy,” in the U.S. legal and regulatory context, facilitates disclosure; it does not afford secrecy. The proposed rule’s customer due diligence requirements fit within the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering framework. The beneficial ownership requirement of the proposed rule, if adopted in final form, would to an extent align U.S. customer due diligence mandates with the beneficial ownership provisions of the FATF Recommendations, as revised in 2012. If adopted in final rule form, the proposed rule will take effect as a final rule one year after its effective date. Publication Information: Hdeel Abdelhady, Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, November… Read More