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MassPoint delivers advice and solutions that are truly customized to client profile, address emerging legal issues, and incorporate a depth of legal experience and broad knowledge. The firm’s approach reflects outside-in thinking that considers how domestic, global, regional, industry, and legal trends and patterns now and will in the future shape client needs and priorities. MassPoint’s approach and output are appropriate for today’s complex, interconnected, and rapidly changing world in which clients’ legal and operational challenges no longer fit neatly within practice area and jurisdictional lines.

MassPoint Delivers What Clients Want
What do clients want from their lawyers?  If client surveys are to be believed, clients want lawyers who understand their business, deliver legal and business advice, and manage client relationships in a responsive manner. In other words, clients want value beyond technical acumen, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness which are fundamentals that go (or should) without saying.

MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC offers substantive and relationship value to clients. MassPoint’s Principal, Hdeel Abdelhady, brings to the table a unique combination of cross-practice legal experience; U.S. and foreign law practice experience; and a broad base of legal, policy, international, and business knowledge that is harnessed to produce solutions that advance clients’ immediate and future objectives. Lauded by clients and colleagues for her commitment to clients, Ms. Abdelhady works with clients as a member of a team, rather than as an outside vendor.

Understand Clients’ Business
From the outset, MassPoint works to understand clients’ business (or other organizations) and the industry and geographical contexts in which they operate. This effort to understand clients’ operating  environments yields not only context-appropriate results, but often times additional value that comes from MassPoint’s updating clients on interesting and important news, industry, and other developments of relevance and potential strategic significance.

Collaboration & Responsiveness
MassPoint works collaboratively with clients, in a number of ways. First, the firm works effectively with in-house legal, business, administrative, and other personnel in and outside of the United States, as well as with clients’ outside services providers. Moreover, MassPoint collaborates with clients through open and timely communication, working to develop and maintain the rapport needed to exchange information candidly and toward the same goals.

Law in Context
Combining MassPoint’s cross-practice competency and broad knowledge base with its collaborative approach, MassPoint is well-positioned to deliver advice and solutions that are both technically sound and appropriate for context. As appropriate for specific matters, MassPoint’s advice and solutions will combine cross-practice competence, policy knowledge, and international awareness to both respond to and anticipate client needs and interests.

Small Size, Big Thinking
The independent law and strategy practice of Hdeel Abdelhady, MassPoint is small in size but offers a caliber of legal, policy, and strategic advice that is, at minimum, on par with large legal and professional services providers, with the added value of nimble thinking unconstrained by practice area silos. In working with MassPoint, clients work immediately with an experienced, strategically-minded, and commercially-aware attorney experienced working with diverse clients and their legal, compliance, business, and administrative personnel.

Calibrated Advice & Solutions
One size does not fit all clients and matters. Nor does a single approach. MassPoint calibrates its advice and output to meet specific client and matter needs, taking a straightforward, purely technical approach where appropriate, and a multi-faceted approach when needed to navigate complexity or work with clients to anticipate and plan for the road ahead.


Network Resources, Additional Capacity
Through a well-developed network, MassPoint is able to bring in additional resources as needed to effectively handle matters. This network includes lawyers and small to large law firms, accountants, consultancies, policy and business experts, and other services providers within and outside of the United States. When needed, MassPoint will work with clients to identify needed resources and develop matter management plans.

Fees, Terms, Matter Management
MassPoint will work with clients to develop fee structures and terms that are mutually appropriate, such as one or a combination of retainer, hourly, and flat or mixed fee bases.

MassPoint’s general terms of service are consistent with those commonly used in the context of business representation. Standard terms of service are generally provided to clients for review in combination with an engagement letter outlining scope of work, fees, and payment terms, and any specific terms previously discussed.

Matters are managed proactively and client feedback is encouraged (and may be requested) during the pendency of a matter or after.

Let’s Talk
Inquiries from prospective clients and colleagues are always welcome. For more information about MassPoint and the firm’s services, please contact Hdeel Abdelhady at or +1.202.630.2512.

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