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Matter Management

MassPoint offers clients a combination of technical skill, substantive quality, and project management, including by:

  • Taking steps to understand clients’ business and objectives.
  • Build and maintain constructive rapport with clients and related parties.
  • Developing work plans at the outset of matters.
  • Communicating with clients at appropriate times and ways about progress and new developments or changes.

MassPoint’s Principal, Hdeel Abdelhady, brings to the table a formidable network of legal, business, banking, non-profit, government, and other professionals that can be leveraged in service of client needs. As needed, MassPoint will assemble and manage legal and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure that all bases are covered and well-managed.

Fee Structures  

MassPoint works with clients to identify appropriate fee structures as suited to the nature, scope, and expected duration of matters. The following fee structures are illustrative. In each case, MassPoint will work with the client to identify the appropriate fee structure(s).

  • Hourly billing
  • Flat fee
  • Project fee
  • Blended fee structures
  • Club fees

In most cases, MassPoint requires a retainer to commence work (typically, for example, a portion of expected hourly billing or of a project fee).For outsourced general counsel services, a general retainer is required to reserve the Firm’s time for an agreed period.

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