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Selecting the right asset planning and protection strategy is uniquely personal to a client’s circumstances and objectives. MassPoint’s Principal Attorney, Hdeel Abdelhady, works collaboratively with families and family offices, closely held businesses, charitable organizations, and their professional advisors to identify optimal legal strategies for asset planning and protection in the United States and across borders.

With cross-practice transactional, regulatory and disputes experiences, Ms. Abdelhady is uniquely qualified to take a multi-faceted approach to assessing optimal structures and jurisdictions, considering how related laws, regulations and non-legal factors are likely to impact client’s near- and long-term interests and objectives (see the page two of the overview of MassPoint’s approach to asset planning and protection matters).

Ms. Abdelhady’s representative experience includes:

  • Advised a UAE-based international nongovernmental organization on the establishment of parallel conventional and Islamic endowment structures utilizing trust, foundation and/or company vehicles in local and foreign jurisdictions.
  • Advised a Middle East-based entrepreneur and owner of closely held businesses on the establishment of a U.S. LLC to transact specific business and isolate assets while maintaining management control and minimizing tax and other consequences (including working closely with the client’s tax advisor).
  • Development, on behalf of a foreign government agency, of an Islamic waqf-based investment framework designed to advance public investment objectives in accordance with strong corporate governance and business conduct standards.
  • Advised a major global multilateral organization on the potential role of awqaf and zakat to advance Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Advised on the relative benefits and drawbacks of trust, foundation and nonprofit and for-profit company structures available in the United States, Switzerland, Jersey, the UAE, Bahrain, and the United Kingdom.
  • Advised on how mutual legal assistance treaties, enforcement of foreign judgment standards, and illicit asset recovery procedures, among other laws and frameworks, impact decisions to establish business or other interests in foreign jurisdictions, particularly where there are interests in protecting assets from foreign expropriation or seizure without just compensation or due process, or where illicitly obtained assets located overseas are sought.

View and download MassPoint’s services overview here.

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