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Legal and Strategy Services

MassPoint works collaboratively with clients to help them anticipate and manage legal, commercial, and reputation risk; solve legal problems; and advance strategic objectives.

International Trade & Business

Sanctions, export controls, anti-money laundering, and anti-corruption regulatory counseling and compliance for U.S. and foreign parties.

U.S. & International Banking, Financial Services

U.S. bank and money services business establishment, regulation, and compliance for U.S. and foreign parties. International and correspondent banking sanctions, AML, and anti-corruption counseling and compliance.

High Risk Markets Law & Risk

Legal and strategy advice and representation for U.S. and foreign parties entering or operating in high risk or rule of law deficient markets.

Critical Resources

Advice and representation for investors, operators, and consumers of the essential resources of agriculture, water, and critical minerals.


Complex Banking Counseling and Compliance

Specialized advisory services for U.S. and foreign businesses and foreign banks that face disruptions to banking transactions and relationships stemming from jurisdictions, parties, or business and transaction types.

Islamic Finance, Banking, Philanthropy

Islamic banking, finance, and philanthropy transactions and Shari’ah governance and compliance advice for Islamic financial institutions, other businesses, and families, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, and individuals.

Small Size, Big Thinking

The independent law and strategy practice of Hdeel Abdelhady, MassPoint is small in size but offers a caliber of legal, policy, and strategic advice that is, at minimum, on par with large legal and professional services providers, with the added value of nimble thinking unconstrained by practice area silos. In working with MassPoint, clients work immediately with an experienced, strategically-minded, and commercially-aware attorney experienced working with diverse clients and their legal, compliance, business, and administrative personnel.

Insights & Updates

Legal and policy analyses and updates.

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Academic Espionage
Academic Research
Anti-Corruption Compliance
Anti-money laundering
Banking Law & Regulation
Business Ethics & Conduct
Corporate Governance
Critical Minerals
Critical Resources
Doing Business in Emerging Markets
Doing Business in the United States
Essential Resources
Extraterritorial U.S. Law
Federally Funded Research
Foreign Agents Registration Act
Foreign Investment in the United States
Global Magnitsky Act
Global Magnitsky Sanctions
International Business Law & Risk
International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)
International Trade Law
Investment and Human Rights
Iran Sanctions
Islamic Banking & Finance
Islamic Law
Legal Risk Management
MassPoint Legal and Strategy Advisory PLLC
MassPoint News
National Security Law
Sovereign Immunity
Tech War
The confrontation between the United States and China is not just a “trade war” centered on tariffs. More consequentially, the two countries are in the early stages of a tech war: a race to develop or dominate emerging technologies deemed critical to future economic, industrial, and military positioning and leadership. These emerging technologies include Artificial Intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, and advanced computing. On national security grounds, the United States is developing and implementing a whole-of-government approach to maintain the country’s technological edge through legal and policy measures to restrict Chinese access to U.S. technology and intellectual property (IP), including by: (1) limiting or prohibiting commercial transactions, (2) adopting export controls on emerging technologies, (3) instituting supply chain exclusions, (4) curbing participation in academic and other research, and (5) combating cyber intrusions and industrial and academic espionage.[2] Additionally, concerns about Chinese government influence have spurred proposals to regulate the activities of entities viewed as Chinese government influence operators, such as the Confucius Institute.
Technology and Human Rights
Technology Export Control
Technology Investment
Technology Supply Chains
Technology Transfer Regulation
United States China Law and Policy
University Export Controls

Recent Projects

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