United States National Security Strategy in Africa Targets Chinese Dominance and Corruption, February 2018.

OFAC Further Tightens Russia Debt Prohibitions Pursuant to the Countering Russian Influence in Europe and Eurasia Act of 2017 (OFAC DIrective 1 As Amended September 29, 2017), October 2017.

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Congressional Hearing on Terrorism Finance Probes Bank Secrecy Act Data Processing Effectiveness, Lack of Beneficial Ownership Transparency, and Potential BSA and Patriot Act Amendments, April 2017.

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Panama Papers Renew Relevance of Proposed U.S. Beneficial Ownership Rule

BNY Mellon to Pay $14.8 Million to Settle “Corrupt” Hiring Charges for Providing Internships to Sovereign Wealth Fund Officials’ Family Members  

United States Adds Russian Direct Investment Fund, Other Russian Financial Services Actors to Sectoral Sanctions List, August 2015. Certain Financing, Debt, and Equity Transactions Remain Prohibited; Action Relevant to U.S. Persons and Non-U.S. Persons (particularly Middle East- and Asia-based)

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