MassPoint Services

MassPoint works collaboratively with clients to help them anticipate and manage legal, commercial, and reputation risk; solve legal problems; and advance strategic objectives. The Firm’s services are described below. For additional information, please contact Hdeel Abdelhady at

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Effective governance and compliance not only diminish legal risk, but also create and preserve commercial and brand value for organizations. MassPoint works with clients to develop compliance and governance protocols that comply with existing laws and regulations, meet or exceed emerging standards of conduct and governance, and are customized for internal and external dynamics. MassPoint’s compliance and governance services include:

  • Anti-money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing laws, regulations, and standard purusant to U.S. laws and regulations, international standards (e.g., FATF, Wolfsberg Principles) generally and as as applicable to specific transaction and party types (e.g., Politically Exposed Persons).
  • U.S. and Multilateral Economic Sanctions regimes targeted to specific countries and regimes (e.g., Iran), conduct (e.g., narcotics trafficking, terrorism financing, weapons of mass destruction proliferation, human rights abuses), and individuals (e.g., Speciallly Designated Nationals/blocked persons).
  • Anti-Corruption/FCPA legal and regulatory analysis and counseling, compliance reviews, and compliance program development customized to an entity’s presence, business in, and exposure to specific industries, jurisdictions, counter- and third-party types, etc.
  • Business Conduct Standards/ESG/CSR counseling, compliance, and strategy development. MassPoint works with clients to identify and comply with mandatory and voluntary Business Conduct Standards/ESG/CSR standards and develop strategies that incorporate Business Conduct Standars/ESG/CSR into strategies to advance and enhance clients’ legal, risk management, commercial, and reputational goals.

Conventional and Islamic Transactions, Socially Responsible Investment and Philanthropy 

MassPoint represents banks, borrowers, and others to structure, negotiate, and document conventional and Islamic finance transactions. In addition, the Firm works with corporate, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations to develop and execute conventional and Islamic investment, co-investment, and philanthropic structures that are purely conventional, purely Islamic, and hybrids and designed to facilitate commercial, development, and philanthropic objectives.

Foreign Investment Preparation, Regulatory and Governance Counseling

MassPoint works with private and state-owned entities to prepare for, develop, structure, and document, and maintain investments. The Firm’s services in this area include:

  • Strategic legal and regulatory research and advice on the climate for foreign investment in the United States, particularly involving state-owned enterprises, investment by entities based in jurisdictions that attract greater scrutiny, and/or investment in sensitive or strategic sectors, such as U.S. agriculture.
  • Market-entry research and assessments of legal regimes and risk environments.
  • Legal and strategy advice and structuring in connection with investment in jurisdictions that present corruption risk, legal uncertainty, or other volatile conditions that require enhanced risk assessments and risk mitigation measures (e.g., contractual provisions and contingencies, risk-shifting mechanisms, appropriate insurance coverage).
  • Ongoing monitoring of legal, political, business, and other investment-related  developments that may create direct compliance obligations or lead to legal, political, reputational or other risk.

Client and Segment Focuses 

    • Banks (conventional and Islamic)
    • Foreign Correspondent Banking (respondent bank counseling and compliance focus)
    • Family-Owned and Closely-Held Businesses 
    • Private and state-owned enterprises 
    • Sovereign and Private Companies and Investors
    • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
    • Sustainable Investment/Socially Responsible Investment 
Services Range, Methods, Value 

  • Range of Services. The Firm’s services range, for example, from analysis and counseling on specific issues or subject areas to compliance assessments and compliance program development.
  • On-Site Engagement. Where compliance reviews and assessments are involved, MassPoint will embed with clients at appropriate locations and with appropriate functions to formulate assessments and programs informed by and responsive to on-the-ground realities.
  • Combined Legal and Business Conduct/CSR/ESG Services. Where appropriate for client needs, MassPoint combines regulatory compliance (e.g., AML, anti-corruption, etc.) with Business Conduct/CSR/ESG counseling and compliance services. This approach mirrors the organizational structure of clients that have integrated Business Conduct/CSR/ESG into legal and provides additional value to clients who address Business Conduct/CSR/ESG within business or other functions.